Rachel Keil

One thought on “Soul Call

  1. I am cutting it close to getting this haiku out before the week is over. I’ve been thinking about reworking this one, but the more I think about it, the further I get to publishing it this week. My sweetie inspired this one but all relationships and encounters are an opportunity for growth and inspiration. I am always curious about how souls find each other. It’s such a fun mystery and I love it when I meet someone that I feel an instant connection with. It’s always fun to see how we inspire, stretch, and remind the other that we are the embodiment of love/joy. Last week I took a little trip to meet the newest member of the family. I soaked up my family and the love of this new being. I wonder what his life will be like and how we will touch each other as the years pass. Just as I wonder how I will expand in the relationship with my sweetie.

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