Rachel Keil

Energy Tune Up

Align and Thrive

30 Minute Energy Alignment

Are You feeling the need to connect deeply with yourself?

Feeling Stuck?

Ready to move some energy?

Feeling the need for insight and clarity?


In this session we immediately tap into your energy. You are guided to the places in your physical, mental, & emotional body that are ready to shift.

You receive information & practical tools to help you focus and move forward.

You are your own healer. You have the strength and support all around you to move in the direction of your fullest expression of yourself.

Energy Healing is a tool that supports you on your journey back home to yourself.

Thank you so much! I slept a lot better and deeper. The emotional heaviness is gone.
The session was super super powerful. I’ve been doing my “homework” and feeling so good.

I got a wild hair one day and decided to offer 30 minute sessions. I was surprised by the potency of the information that came through for my clients in these short healing sessions. Clients received the information that they needed to connect back to themselves and feel inspired. If you are feeling the stress of the past few years of and/or you are feeling stuck with an issue and need help shifting your energy, this session is for you.

For a more in depth healing you’ll need a one hour session.

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Single Private Session:

1@30 minutes


All sessions are online via ZOOM

3 Session Package

3@30 minutes


(Package sessions to be used within 2 months of purchase.)

Love Notes

I absolutely loved my session with Rachel. Her warm and loving energy instantly put me at ease. Rachel is a genuine and caring healer with a kind, loving heart. I felt so seen during our session. Rachel immediately tuned into my empathic nature and gave me tools to support me in navigating the abundance of emotions and energies that I take on from my surroundings. She provided me with really helpful insights and led me through a beautiful meditation that balanced out my energies and left me feeling incredibly grounded, connected, and supported. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience I had working with Rachel!

Rachel, You were so right on and you got to it so quickly! I loved the guided meditation and have continued to use the chakra piece. I feel supported and connected.

The most surprising part of the session was that I need to play. It opened up potentials that I didn’t see or validate prior [to the session].

It was a lovely session and really helpful. The way you guided me into my grounding created a big change within that feels really good.

Thank you Rachel for your powerful energy work I received yesterday. My morning walk was filled with lighter and more grounded energy. Thank you for sharing your gifts.