Rachel Keil

Intuitive Energy Healing

This work is mysterious, fascinating, profound. My time since seeing you today has been the most precious I have experienced in some time-such peace, lightness, openness, stillness, focus, receptivity. Thank you for this.                 ~Carole, Santa Fe 

There is so much stress in our lives these days. Take a moment to tap into your Spirit. Bathe in peace, calm, and serenity. Reconnect to your natural rhythm and feel balance amidst the chaos of these changing times.

In a session, I connect with your nervous system and energy or chakra system. This connection facilitates a clearing of stagnant energy. Clearing stagnant energy allows the body’s vital life force to move into the body. This enables your body and being to vibrate into health and vitality.

  • Healing occurs on the mental, physical, and emotional bodies
  • Balance is Restored
  • Stagnant Energy is Released
  • Nervous System is Recharged
  • Feel Calm and Centered
  • Reconnect to Yourself
  • Receive Intuitive Guidance, Find Clarity
  • Find relief from physical pain

Rachel’s integrity as an Energy Healer allowed her to see right through my stubborn nature to the root of my challenge. I love her for being a clear channel, committed to her client’s well-being. I went to Rachel believing I had a complex problem, but she was able to pinpoint a simple solution that worked immediately and that I now use every day. One of the most fun aspects of working with Rachel is that you never know what will happen during a session. It’s such a fun exercise in surrender!
~Eryn D. Vashon, WA

This work is mysterious and fascinating. I am continually in awe of what comes through for my clients. Because I ask to be an open conduit for your healing, you get just what you need. I don’t know what it is that you need, only your body, mind and spirit know.

We are inundated with technology that interferes with our nervous system. We have become multi-tasker extraordinaires. There is a lot of noise in our environment, more cars on the road, and more on our to do list. Stress is unavoidable these days.

Stress creates traffic jams in our nervous system. The nervous system is the interwebs of our body. It communicates information to our entire body. When the nervous system is blocked the flow of information, of vital life force cannot get to your organs, brain, endocrine system, cells.

In a session your nervous system recharges and blocks are cleared. Healing energy moves into the places that need it most. Your body, mind and spirit receive the nourishment necessary for optimal functioning. Space is created for inspiration, peace, calm.

You receive intuitive guidance and accessible tools to help you move through what is holding you back.


Sessions are 1 hour at $140.

Online sessions via Zoom.

Clients who receive remote sessions report the same powerful experience as in person.

If you live on Vashon Island, Washington, or in the Seattle area an in person session may be arranged.