Rachel Keil


I absolutely loved my session with Rachel. Her warm and loving energy instantly put me at ease. Rachel is a genuine and caring healer with a kind, loving heart. I felt so seen during our session. Rachel immediately tuned into my empathic nature and gave me tools to support me in navigating the abundance of emotions and energies that I take on from my surroundings. She provided me with really helpful insights and led me through a beautiful meditation that balanced out my energy and left me feeling incredibly grounded, connected, and supported. I am so grateful for the wonderful experience I had working with Rachel.

~Karly, Sacramento, CA

My session with Rachel was deeply validating and brought me further insight into how patterns of holding on and fear have manifested in my own body. I felt very safe and supported and able to let go of some of this weight over the course of a single session. I was especially struck by the wisdom and truth Rachel brings to the table… the gift of being able to receive a clear message from my family member who has passed is one that I cannot place words on. The care provided and the message shared has continued to bring me great comfort and strength throughout my personal healing journey.

~Olivia K., Vashon WA

My first session with Rachel was extremely healing, and I keep going back for more! So much energy gets released and moved. I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety in my body and trying to release it by breathing and meditation but nothing seemed to work. Once I met with Rachel, her calming and supportive voice and techniques allowed me to get the root of the anxiety, work with it and let it go.  She gave me tools for grounding to work with after the session that I continue to use daily.  I have felt exponentially better since my first session, even during these insane times on this planet right now, I feel like I have more control and support energetically. It really is true magic at work.

~Roxanne Y., Bay Area, CA

Rachel has such profound presence with honesty, clarity, and insight. Her technique and ability to listen on a deep level, with much more than just the mind, has allowed an opening within me- a softness for my healing, and I am so very grateful.

~Hannah K., Vashon WA

Rachel is a very lovely person, a gifted energy worker, intuitive, and mentor. I have worked with a Rachel a number of times over the years. I always find that she holds an incredibly safe space that allows for expansion, deep personal growth, and a solid foundation of trust necessary to dive deeply into the work at hand. I cannot say enough good things about the many gifts and tools that she brings to her work. In working with Rachel, I have deepened my understanding of the energy systems of the body, learned how to work with these systems much more effectively, and have gained considerable peace of mind, cultivated a deeper sense of self love and achieved a high level of functioning in my day to day life.

~Sharice L., Mancos, CO

Rachel Keil is an angel. She has healed parts of my physical body along with my emotional and spiritual body. Her healing powers are extremely effective, I always feel stronger and more balanced after a healing session. Her kindness and wisdom is so special, I couldn’t put it into words if I tried. I am truly blessed to have her in my life!

~Misty Rose S., Vashon, WA

Rachel was the first person I had ever talked to for a mediumship reading. She was relaxing, calm and made the process easy and comfortable. A message came through that was not directly for me – it has opened many interesting conversations within my family and I’m learning about women in my family and their skills that before was always a secret to me. Those conversations sparked an opening to me for learning more. I want to thank Rachel for her calm energy and sweet words to me after the reading, you are clearly a talented and skilled woman in this realm.

~Raina D., Penticton, BC

Recently I had a session with Rachel. We had never met. She knew nothing about me yet I felt a connection and trust before we even began. A dear sister in law came through very clearly during our reading. I talk to my sister in law regularly and it was so touching to hear from Rachel that she hears me, she is with me. My session with Rachel was most reassuring. I am grateful for her talent and compassion.

~ Rose K., Seattle, WA

I had the pleasure of receiving a medium reading from Rachel Keil and found her to be a warm, friendly and HONEST Psychic Medium. She relayed her impressions with straightforward candor; she did not probe for details and I never felt like she was “grasping at straws” or twisting her information in order for it to follow some kind of script. She was able to zero in on a very accurate description of my brother, who passed away in 1989, and her acknowledgment of his presence was a real comfort to me. I look forward to Rachel helping me discover who else is out there trying to connect with me!

~Mary Ann B., Port Orchard, WA

I loved my session with Rachel, she was able to tune in and connect to the messages that I really needed to hear.
During my session I asked that Rachel connect with my guides to provide affirmation that I’m on the right path in my personal journey and also in my business journey. The messages that she provided completely resonated and provided me such wonderful affirmation. Not only did I receive affirmation during our session, but weeks after the session I’m understanding more and more of the messages that came through. Everything is unfolding nicely and I am so happy to have the confirmation from spirit to keep going!
Anyone thinking about seeing a medium should absolutely feel comfortable seeking out Rachel. I highly recommend her and will be asking to sit with her in the future.

~Christine J., Vincentown, NJ

I enjoyed my session with Rachel. It was a deep connection with a loved one on the other side. It was so much fun and so validating. Thank you Rachel.

~Karen T., Seattle, WA

I enjoyed my session with Rachel, I did not know what to expect. She was easy to talk to and I was in a place in my life where I needed a bit of support, so somehow, having that form of communication felt reassuring as I was needing some validation from the other side. There is an unusual comfort in receiving family reaching out from the other side, making you feel seen and supported. It gave me more peace and confidence in dealing with current issues with my father and things have improved greatly since. I feel that ‘they’ helped us both to connect. Thank you Rachel

~Veruschka N., Kaimu, HI

I just finished my medium session with K Rachel Keil and HOLY NUTS YOU GUYS she is amazing. I’d never had a channeling session before, and Rachel is so warm and loving. I had immediate energetic connection with her. She was in contact with a gaggle of my ancestors, who gave me love and a cake and (I think) told me to explore metalwork! My heart is blown wide open by this forceful confirmation of everything I am becoming. Please please please do a session with her!

~Kittie B., Vallejo, CA

Rachel has a warm and genuine presence that immediately put me at ease, and allowed me to relax into a deep meditation. I wasn’t expecting to speak to a departed loved one when I came to her for lower back pain. But to my delight, the soul of a child I had been pregnant with for a short time came to speak to me. It was indescribably healing to have such a loving and joy-filled conversation with my daughter. It allowed me to release some of the emotional scars I had been holding in my spine near my womb, and it brought peace to my heart.

~Cynthia D. Seattle, Washington