Rachel Keil

Ignite Your Light™

Ignite Your Light™
7 Month Journey To A Deeper Connection With Yourself

Do you feel restless?

Are you yearning for something more in your life?

Do you feel your Soul is stirring within.

Are you yearning for a deeper connection?

Are you ready to Get to the heart of the matter?

Getting to the heart of the matter-This is what you are here to do. Remember your wholeness. Remember that you are love. Create a deep connection with yourself. Getting to the heart of the matter is remembering to connect and love yourself fully. In doing so you re-connect with your source. You Ignite Your Light™. The world needs this now. For you to connect to yourself, heal your wounds, learn to love yourself unconditionally.

The act of doing this for yourself expands consciousness. It ripples out into the world. It paves the way for more healing and self love. More importantly it makes room for a life of freedom. You are led by your inspiration, joy, love. This leads to clarity in decision making, relieves stress, and creates fulfilling experiences in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to tap into your Soul’s wisdom?

Are you curious about what your energy body is communicating to you?

Do you wonder if you are hearing your intuition or if it’s just your mind?

Imagine feeling clarity, inspiration, and flow in your life. 

The Program will cover:

  • How to read your energy
  • Energy Medicine
  • How your intuition speaks to you
  • Connecting to your Highest Self
  • How to stop patterns of negative thinking
  • Tools to create balance in your life
  • Cultivating Self Love
  • Perception shifts
  • Raising your vibration
  • Discovering your Superpower

Are you interested in self growth, diving deep, shifting consciousness?

That’s just what you’ll do in this mentorship.

You will learn the language of your energy system. Creating the awareness of your energy and how it affects your life.

Raise your vibration and step into a new world of possibilities.

When I am connected and loving myself- no matter what, that life flows with ease. I can share myself more fully. We are being asked to share ourselves, our heart, our unique gifts with the world.

This is an ONLINE mentoring program that meets twice a month. We meet as a group once a month for 3 hours via Zoom. The second meeting is a follow up 45 minute one on one session with me.

Program Dates:

This is a 7 month program

The next program starts September 9th, 2019

1st week of the month group class takes place on

Mondays 11:00am-2:00pm Pacific Time

3rd week of the month is a one on one scheduled appointment

Program Cost: $3,780

Pay in full and receive a $300 discount or make monthly payments of $540.

Included in the program are these extras:

  • Communication and support with the group through WhatsApp
  • Answers to burning questions between sessions
  • Reading list to inspire
  • Support from me via WhatsApp
  • Reminders of the information and tools in the form of videos, words and images
  • Astrology insights
  • A document each month with a recap of the material covered
  • Homework to support your growth and integrate tools
  • Recording of the group call and your one on one session
  • Soul Reminders

What students have to say about the program:

I am calmer, more relaxed, and more in my body than I have ever been before. The mentorship helped me to feel my energy and distinguish it from the energy around me. I learned how to truly feel who I am on an energetic level. It allowed me to discover what was needed in my life, my heart, and my mind to feel balanced. ~Katie