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Allow Your Emotions To Flow

It’s so freeing to feel the feels. It doesn’t have to be a big process to express your emotions. I know that sometimes it is. I have cried many times on an airplane and other public places. It’s okay to let it flow anywhere. Some days it’s more than others. When we let our emotions flow regularly the big explosions happen less.

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January 2020 Newsletter Energy & Support

Only from the heart can you touch the sky. ~Rumi   

Happy Happy Love Love Peace Peace Change Change

I love the sound and look of 2020. There is so much potential in this number, in this time. There is opportunity for so much more in terms of spiritual expansion. We have shifted into a new paradigm.
A shift from the head to the heart. 

It’s time for all of the actions we take to come from the heart. Heart is the connection to the Divine/Universe/God. We have been moving towards this shift and will continue to integrate this way of being during this next decade. A lot of shift will come in the next three years as we create a foundation for this new way of being. I feel so excited feeling into this expansion. So much will change in our world when we come from the heart. 

As with all things new, there will be resistance. This is true for me. I love change and I also resist it. It’s easy to stay the same. Change takes work.Change requires awareness and responsibility too. It’s time to tune in to ourselves, tune into our heart and spirit. Take more time to be still and listen. 

One way to foster this connection is to do more of the little things that make your entire body *sigh*. When your body does this it is your signal that you are connecting to your heart and soul. I love to walk at night without a light. The trees are in silhouette. The sky is deep and rich in color. It’s quiet and still out. And I always feel that sweet *sigh* of letting go, of connecting to my heart. 
Having a *sigh*

January 2020 Energy & Support

I’ve been inspired to use Tarot for the January Energy reading. Initially I did an energy reading for the December January transition. I tend to doubt myself a little. (Yep, me too.) I wasn’t sure about it so I switched gears. In the spirit of the new year I thought I’d try something new. Turns out there was some overlap in the readings. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

The Theme for January is all about your Connection to the Divine and your Highest Self/Soul. It is time to consciously connect to this energy and create a partnership with it. Communication with this energy is important. It is our compass our guide in all areas of our life. Intuition comes from our Highest Self and the Divine. When we connect we open the lines of communication, we open to receive. You are reminded that you are not alone. This guidance also comes from all the unseen helpers, our guides, angels, animal and family spirits. Life is a partnership a co-creation with the Divine. When we make this connection more energy, life force, insight, wisdom, guidance is available to us. 

This month it will be important to let your emotions flow. Let go of the past. Allow yourself to cry, feel your grief, and let the anger move through you. You will be releasing your old wounds and those you have been holding for others. Feel your body relax as it lets go. This release will create an opening for your connection with the Divine and your Highest Self.

The lesson for the month is realizing the importance of this relationship above all others. I think my gramps was coming through because I kept hearing, “You need to give a damn.”  The relationship with your deepest self and the Divine is your most important relationship. It needs to come first. It will inform all other relationships. And in this relationship you bring the energy from this higher vibration down to earth. You become more YOU.

You’ll want to be curious this month. Curious about what it is to put the heart first. Question your thinking. Put your mind on hold. Step out of analytical, critical thinking. Look at the world from a different perspective.  Go inward. Relax. Trust. Let Go.

Lots of Love to you, 
xo Rachel

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You Are Light

It’s Your Nature To Grow Towards The Light. At times you may feel like you’ll never get out of the darkness. You are the light. Have faith, you will return to the light. Be present and gentle with yourself. Call a friend. Immerse yourself in nature. Find a good therapist. Meditate. Say kind loving words to yourself. This too shall pass. You are loved. You are lovable. You are light.

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Ignite Your Light and Shine

Do you ever feel out of balance? Wonder how to create a connection with your Soul? Curious about what your energy is communicating? Are you craving deeper connection, clarity, peace? Join me and create a deeper connection with yourself and your Soul. Learn to connect with your energy and see the strength and beauty of who you are. Learn to love and appreciate all of you. Feel the peace self love brings. Starts September 9th. Space is limited. Register Today.