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Vulnerability Hangover

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I’m having a vulnerability hangover. It’s been lingering for a few weeks. I noticed it the day after posting one of my photo haiku blogs on Facebook. I didn’t just post the photo haiku. I had to say that I was going to continue writing haiku or some form of poetry. Here’s what I said:

Back in October I started writing haiku instead of doing sun salutations. Sounds weird but it’s true. A haiku a day- I wrote them daily for a month or two and now I write one or two a week. Kinda like the evolution of the sun salutation routine. I plan to continue writing haiku or some form of poetry. It’s been a fun and challenging way to express my feelings and observations. With encouragement from my sweetie, I started connecting the words to my photos and “blogging”. Check out my website when you click the blog link. My work has expanded from healing into the psychic and mediumship realm. All sessions can be done at a distance. If you are curious and have questions about the work please post questions on my face book business page, my blog, or website. I love talking about the work!

Egads, what did I say? I started questioning my declaration of continuing to write poetry with the implication of weekly posting. Why the heck did I feel the need to share that? Would I be able to write a haiku every week?-Never mind that it be interesting or meaningful or fun or gosh darn it, Good Enough. Would I continue to be inspired? Could I write something that I haven’t already written? How many times can I use the word expanding? Would my haiku writing evolve the way the sun salutations did? (I haven’t done one since the beginning of 2015!)

little blue book-Blog HaikuHaiku log. I love to write and have always carried a book with me mark with my thoughts.

Help, what have I done. Do you ever have these feelings? I used to keep all of my ideas to myself so as not to set myself up for failure (If no one knows about all the things I didn’t do then I haven’t failed). I still think it’s a good idea to keep dreams to yourself while you are manifesting them. Once you start telling people your hearts desires the energy becomes dispersed. All of a sudden the dream is no longer yours. The hopes and fears of those you have shared with become interspersed with your own desires. Unless you’re a master, it becomes challenging to maintain the focus.

Salish Sea-Haiku Blog
“Pretty shot. I feel a haiku post.”, he said.

My dream really is to just be in the creative flow, whatever the creation might be. So, last week while on the ferry I snapped a photo and sent it off to my sweetie. “Pretty shot. I feel a haiku post.” was his response. I felt my body relax a bit. Oh yeah, there is a haiku post here. If I don’t let my mind take over with all the doubt, I can step into the flow and see what’s there.

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