Rachel Keil

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Allow Your Emotions To Flow

It’s so freeing to feel the feels. It doesn’t have to be a big process to express your emotions. I know that sometimes it is. I have cried many times on an airplane and other public places. It’s okay to let it flow anywhere. Some days it’s more than others. When we let our emotions flow regularly the big explosions happen less.

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Birthday Specials

Birthday Specials are on thru October 21st.
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Nourish Your Nervous System

These are Online sessions unless you live on Vashon WA.

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You Are Light

It’s Your Nature To Grow Towards The Light. At times you may feel like you’ll never get out of the darkness. You are the light. Have faith, you will return to the light. Be present and gentle with yourself. Call a friend. Immerse yourself in nature. Find a good therapist. Meditate. Say kind loving words to yourself. This too shall pass. You are loved. You are lovable. You are light.