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Mystery of Spirit

Amazeballs Sunset

The beauty of nature showing us who we are.

Mystery. It’s one of the things I love most about connecting with the otherside. Connection is right up there too. And, it’s so much fun. I love making deep connections with people. Connecting with those who are in spirit surely fits that bill. It’s hard for me to put it into words what it is really like for me. It’s deep and rich. When I connect with someone on the otherside I am reminded of who/what I really am, who we are. It’s tapping into the expansiveness, love, and magnificence of who we really are. Great big LOVE.

This week I was out at the coffee shop writing about the mysterious ways that Spirit works. Specifically, how they connect me to their loved ones so that they can relay a message through me. I had a surprise visit a few weeks ago, that I wanted to get on paper for a future blog post. I left the coffee shop and remembered that I had to stop at the store for coffee filters. I had forgotten them when I was shopping the night before.

At the store, I turned down the aisle for the filters and I saw a young woman I recognized. She had come for a reading over a year ago. I remember our conversation about the experiences she was having at the time, with a friend who had died. She was seeing his spirit body and he was making his presence known in other ways. She had never had this kind of experience before and didn’t have any context for it. I explained to her the ways that people on the otherside communicate with us and attempted to normalize the experiences she was having.

To me, it feels so normal, natural to communicate with dead people. I forget sometimes that most people to not have this experience.

Inspiration. Present in my life.

My Gramps. He is in spirit and with me often. My grandma says she feels his presence too, and that he comes to her in dreams. She knows that he is always with her.

As I said hello to her I heard myself asking if her friend had been around. She was taken aback. It’s not every day that someone asks about communication with a departed friend. And he had been communicating with her, the day before. She had an experience with his presence that left her feeling uneasy and was thinking to contact me. Here I was just when she was needing some reassurance. How did this happen? How did I end up in the aisle at the exact moment that she was there? We do live on a small island but I have never seen her at the store before. We both marveled at the seeming coincidence. It was no coincidence though. I felt sure that her friend had coordinated our meeting.

As she was sharing with me what was going on I could start to feel her friend present with us. He communicated with me a little about himself to share and confirm it was indeed him. He wanted to be sure she knew that he was with her, supporting her on the next step on her journey. She was concerned that he was coming to warn her of something. I only felt his love and support for her and relayed this message. When spirit or intuition is communicating, it is always with a feeling of calm. Even if it is a warning you will be left with the feeling of calm confidence in knowing what action to take, feeling guided.

We parted both feeling lighter for the interaction with her friend.

I love the mystery of spirit. I am tickled by the ways it is always showing us our magnificence and connection to it.

Notice the coincidences in your life, the flowers, the small things that bring you joy. These are the signs of your connection to the Universe, Spirit, your Higher Self.

xo Rachel