Rachel Keil

Coming to you through video

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I totally forgot about my blog!

I am having a blast connecting through videos, sharing inspired messages and tips that I use and share with my clients.

I’ve been focused on sharing videos on social media and totally spaced the blog. I am catching the blog up with the videos I’ve shared over the last month-ish. Please subscribe to my blog,  YouTubeand/or Facebook to receive video messages. Hope you enjoy! Lots of love, Rachel

Queen Anne’s Lace

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Queen Anne's Lace-Blog-HaikuA dream remembered from over 20 years ago. Queen Anne’s Lace with my grandma in her entryway. The love from others can remind us that in the eyes of Spirit we are pure love and joy, and totally adored. There are many portals to gain access to what is already within us. There is no wrong way. Enjoy the journey.