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Running for a Cause

i am a finisher 2                                        First 5k completed, March of this year. I did it!

I’ve been running! I’ve started a few blogs about my process that haven’t made it past the draft stages but this isn’t about that. I have run a couple of 5k races this year in training for a 10k. As I was looking for another 5k to run I thought it would be fun to run for a cause that I felt inspired to run for. At the end of August I am going to run the Alki Beach 5k fundraiser for NW Hope & Healing. NW Hope & Healing “provides immediate financial assistance to local women who are undergoing treatment for breast or gynecologic cancer at Swedish Cancer Institute.”

This is something I can get behind. In 2012 I had my first mammogram and a very suspicious lump was found. The breast specialist was pretty sure it was cancer. I had good insurance at the time but still had a deductible to pay. If it weren’t for the help of family I would have struggled to make that payment. I was so grateful to have the support of friends and family during that stressful period between the mammogram and lumpectomy. The little care packages from friends and the meal delivered post-surgery helped me to feel cared for and reminded me that I was not alone. The short story and the good news is that the lump turned out to be totally benign! In addition to my experience a handful of women close to me have undergone treatment for breast cancer.


Post surgery. Grateful that my experience was minimal and the results benign.

Not everyone has the kind of support that I did. Here’s what we can do together. I think it’s powerful with group effort and of course it’s more fun. NW Hope & Healing is asking participants to reach a minimum fundraising goal of $100. With all of your help I would love to raise $500. Every little bit helps-no donation is too small!

If you feel moved to support women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer please follow the link below to donate.

Alki Beach 5k Fundraiser

Or you may send a check made out to NW Hope & Healing to:
Rachel Keil
10735 SW 110th Street
Vashon WA 98070


Here are some of the things your donation will go towards:

  • $10 buys lip balm for Healing Baskets
  • $25 will fund a Healing Basket
  • $50 buys a gas card or groceries
  • $100 will keep a phone working
  • $200 keeps the lights on
  • $300 helps fund childcare
  • $500 can prevent an eviction

Washington state has the highest rate of breast cancer in the country. Please help me in supporting this amazing organization get financial assistance to those who need it.

Thank you so much!  Lots of love, Rachel