Rachel Keil


Ignite Your Light™

7 Month Journey To A Deeper Connection With Yourself


What if you could tap into your Soul’s wisdom? What if you knew what your energy body was telling you? What if you could discern your intuition from mind chatter? Imagine the clarity, inspiration, and flow that would bring to your life. 



You will develop tools to use in your everyday life:                                        

  • How to read your Energy 

  • Energy Medicine

  • To Trust your Intuition

  • Connect to your Highest Self

  • How to stop patterns of negative thinking

  • Tools to create balance in your life

  • To Cultivate Self Love

  • Perception Shifts


Are you interested in self growth, diving deep, shifting consciousness? That’s just what you’ll do in this mentorship. You will learn the language of your energy system. Creating the awareness of your energy and how it affects your life.


Schedule a 15 minute exploratory call now:  rachel@rachelkeil.com


The Mentorship helped me to feel my own energy and to distinguish it from the energy around me. I learned how to truly feel who I am on an energetic level. It allowed me to discover what was needed in my life, my heart, & my mind to feel balanced. 

~Katie, Therapist Seattle WA

Now is the time

Nourish Your Soul

Create Balance in Your Life

Connect to Your Wholeness

Follow Your Soul Guidance

Raise Your Vibration


This is an ONLINE mentoring program. We meet the first Wednesday of each month for 3 hours as a group via Zoom. The third week of the month will be a scheduled 45 minute one on one session with me. 


Program Dates:

This is a 7 month program

April 3rd-October 16th, 2019

1st Wednesday of each month 5:30-8:30pm PST

3rd Week of the month is a one on one scheduled appointment

Program Cost: $3,416

Paid in Full or Monthly payments of $488