Rachel Keil

Magnolia Close UP

Intuitive Energy Healing

Rachel is amazing! Not only have I seen immediate results from her treatments, but being in Rachel’s calm and compassionate presence is therapeutic in itself. I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically.                                                                                                                                  ~Bethany, Santa Fe, NM


There is so much stress in our lives these days. Take a moment to tap into your Spirit. Bathe in peace, calm, and serenity. Reconnect to your natural rhythm and feel balanced amidst the chaos of these changing times.

                   recharge your nervous system, feel calm and centered

                 reconnect with yourself, feel your Magnificence

                    receive relief from stress, RELAX

                                                         feel relief from physical pain, Let Go

     find Clarity, receive intuitive guidance


Rachel’s integrity as an Energy Healer allowed her to see right through my stubborn nature to the root of my challenge. I love her for being a clear channel, committed to her client’s well-being. I went to Rachel believing I had a complex problem, but she was able to pinpoint a simple solution that worked immediately and that I now use every day. One of the most fun aspects of working with Rachel is that you never know what will happen during a session. It’s such a fun exercise in surrender!
~Eryn D. Vashon, WA

In your healing session, I connect with your nervous and energetic system. This facilitates a clearing of stagnant energy. Removing stagnation allows the body’s vital life force to move into and through the body. This creates space which allows optimum health and well-being.

During a session, your energy system will reveal what is needed for your highest expression of joy, your highest good. You receive intuitive guidance and accessible tools to help you move through what is holding you back.

Sessions are available over the phone and by Skype.

If you live on Vashon Island, Washington, or in the Seattle area an in person session can be arranged.

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